Texture Coatings

Texture Coatings

Texture Coatings

Regardless of whether you’re painting masonry, cement render, plasterboard, or many of the other types of materials commonly found in the construction and industrial industries, textured paint provides a decorative finish to spruce up even some of the most unappealing surfaces. Textured paint is also an ideal choice for repairing damaged concrete. As an effective and affordable solution, there’s no need to mix your own concrete.

With tough weather proof features, our texture coatings for exterior surfaces are a popular choice with many homeowners and professional painters. It is also resistant to mould and fungal growth for a longer lasting and appealing surface.

For a unique finish that isn’t the conventional smooth and flat finish, choose the best textured paint. Browse our texture coatings below or contact us for assistance.

APCO Texture Coatings are a range of high build flexible texture profiles for maximum substrate hiding power. It is an

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